What Gets You To Work Faster? An E-Bike or a Car? by Marvin Rainford
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What Gets You To Work Faster? An E-Bike or a Car?

Posted by Marvin Rainford on

You have heard some people say that an electric bike can get you to work faster than a car and thought "Yeah right. How is that possible?". Well considering what traffic is like in almost any city, an electric bike can easily be the faster option. You will almost always be able to find a shortcut that takes you through a park or alley or path where cars aren't allowed. Then you can kiss the cars goodbye as you drive right past everyone stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. And if you know your way around your city, you should be able to find a route that avoids most of the annoying red lights.

Well two guys from Shocke Bikes wanted to put it to the test, so they went out to see if their electric bike could get them to work faster than their car. Considering I'm writing this and posting it on an electric bike website, you already know who wins... It's still cool to see how he managed to do it. It's all about them shortcuts. 


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