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How to Compare the Motor and Battery of Different Bikes

Posted by Marvin Rainford on


   If you are in the process of comparing electric bikes to see how they stack up, but you have no idea what some of the specifications mean, you are not alone. It is important to be aware of the capabilities of each when you are deciding which bike to buy, so I’m here to explain what you need to know searching for an e-bike.

Volts - This measures the power of the battery. More volts means the e-bike can accelerate faster and get to a faster top speed. This is always the first thing mentioned about the battery and the most important. Most electric bike batteries will be 36V, but there are some with 48V batteries, such as the E-Go Flash 28”, which has a much higher top speed of 24 MPH.   

Ah (Amp hours) - You could compare this to the gas tank of a car. It is the capacity of the battery. Higher Ah means the bike has a longer range meaning it can travel further in one charge. A battery will generally range between 8 and 13.

Watts – Like voltage, wattage also measures the “power” of the bike, only this applies to the motor and not the battery. Most electric bikes have 500W motors, but our most powerful motor belongs to the E-Go Seagull 26” which has a 1000W motor.

Throttle – a device operated by the user that controls the vehicle’s speed. Various methods include: twist grip and thumb operated.

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