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Garmin Edge 1000 Bicycle Navigation Features & Review

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The Garmin Edge 1000 might just be the easiest and most effective way to plan, execute and track a cycling route. The Garmin Edge provides all the tools for a successful and gratifying ride. Its many features have something for just about everyone with any skill level.


  • In-ride competitions through Garmin Connect™ segments
  • On-road or off-road navigation and points of interest with preloaded Garmin Cycle Map
  • Input a distance and choose from up to 3 round-trip ride options
  • Instant uploads to Garmin Connect™ Mobile to analyze and share
  • Connected features¹: incoming call and text alerts², live tracking, sending/receiving courses, social media sharing, weather [1]

What’s in the box?

  • Edge 1000 (that one was obvious)
  • Preloaded maps
  • Mounts (standard and out-front)
  • Tether
  • USB cable
  • Manuals

Know Where To Go

Round-trip routing ensures the cyclist is well prepared for the route to a destination and the route back. This technology allows you to feel in control. You control your route (and the road). What’s even more efficient is Garmin’s ability to pre-calculate the most bike-friendly route. That saves time and ensures the route you’re riding is the safest for you.


Connect to your smartphone. The Garmin Edge includes living tracking, incoming call logs and text alerts. Share social media, weather and upload cycling courses. As soon as you’re done, upload courses, travel time and updates along the way to any social media site or upload to Garmin Connect.


LiveTrack lets family and friends know exactly where you are when you’re there. It might not be the feature for everyone, but it does ensure safety among riders. It’s enabled with auto-start. Spend less time worrying about technology and more time about the ride ahead.



Yep, we recommend the Garmin Edge 1000. For the sake of a safe ride, Garmin has created a device that allows for every safety measure to be in place. If you want your family to know where you are, there’s an app for that. If you simply want to track your routes and understand your progress, there’s an app for that. To improve times and segments, there’s an option to track segments. Help improve your time by keeping a log of specific segments at whatever time and place you please. Most importantly, the Garmin lets you pick and choose the features that are most important to you.

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