Electric Bikes are taking off in the US by Marvin Rainford
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Electric Bikes are taking off in the US

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The electric bike is the next big thing. Not only is it energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but it is steadily escalating in sales and popularity, even pushing traditional bikes out of the way.

            152,000 electric bikes are expected to be sold in North America in 2016 and November. This may seem like a lot, but wait to see hear the numbers over in China. There, over 200 million e-bikes in use. That’s 1000 times as big as the current market in the US. Electric bikes have taken over as one of the standard forms of transportation for people. That just shows how much potential growth the market has in North America.

            One that agrees and foresees massive growth in the U.S. is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Pedego Electric Bikes based in Fountain Valley, California, who is anticipating a huge jump in sales due to the heavily sought-after models. After selling 4,000 e-bikes in 2015, he plans to sell at least 10,000 which, with his network of 83 Pedego dealerships, should get the electric bike distributed widely around the U.S.

            Claus Fleischer, who is the manager of Bosch’s e-bike division, claims that the U.S. market is a fantastic place to expand on revenue and that e-bikes are bound to develop and take off much faster here. Events are currently being staged around the U.S. to encourage buyers to check out e-bikes and spark interest in future consumers. These events will allow the attendees to peruse some of the popular brands that e-bikes will include and these same attendees will even be able to test-ride a few of the versions available.

            And there are all kinds of versions that can be applicable to anyone Multitudes of companies, Pedego included, are talking about selling e-bikes that could be perfect for the superb yacht owner that seeks a folding version to a crazy desert partier who wants the fattiest tires you can imagine.

            There are a lot of reasons that e-bikes are growing in popularity and why America is steadily becoming the next big market for them. According to Todd Grant, who is the president of the National Bicycle Dealers Association, electrics finally have an outlet. Cyclists have become more confident on the roads and are more comfortable venturing further than before, battery and motor technology is gaining progression and stability, all while retail prices for the more heavy-duty items are dropping significantly in price. Despite some of the issues that various companies, cities, and even states have raised concerns over, electric bikes are gaining momentum. And now that their market has expanded and their sales have increased, it is time to get on the bandwagon and check some out for yourself. Look for an e-bike event near you or shop for some here at Zappy Wheels or at your local bike store. You wouldn’t want to be the last one in America without an e-bike, now would you? After all, Christmas is just right around the corner.

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