A Guide To Staying Visible On The Road by Marvin Rainford
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A Guide To Staying Visible On The Road

Posted by Marvin Rainford on

Staying safe on the road as a cyclist is important. Drivers have more distractions than ever and as a cyclist, it’s important to be focused on the most effective ways to stay visible while on the road. We’re taught to keep an extra eye out for cyclists. Here are the 5 most effective ways to stay visible on the road.


 1. Wear Lights!


We know wearing LED or luminous lights while cycling can bring attraction to the cycler and prevent accidents. The Revo Lights is a new bike lighting system. Its design has a functional headlight and multiple sources of LED light throughout the front and back wheel. It’s easy to install with a snap-in battery. For the minimal cyclist, a simple lighting system will do. The Blackburn Central 700 is a simple lighting system that gives front-wheel awareness. You could combine two Blackburn lights for both front and back lighting to be as visible as possible. The key point: find a light that makes you visible on the road and one that fits your style, budget and practicality.


 2. Wear A Helmet


The industry is constantly coming out with the newest and greatest in helmets. Using a helmet keeps a cyclist safe and you will be grateful that wore one when you, sooner or later, wipe out on your bike. Finding a bright, supportive and fluorescent helmet ensures safety on the road.

The latest is the Lazer Z1 MIPS Helmet, and it’s different front the rest in a few different ways. It provides cyclists with tiny air vents to prevent excessive sweating, an Impact Protection System and an aero cover.

The takeaway point? Use your helmet to your advantage. Helmets in 2017 are designed for optimal protection and awareness to drivers. Find the perfect fit and keep up to date on the latest technology advancements.


 3. Choose A Predictable Route

As a cyclist, the unpredictable route may sound like the most appealing route. However, if you’re an everyday cyclist, it may be wise to choose a route that’s familiar to you. Choose a route for your morning ride where you’re familiar with the traffic patterns. You may even see the same cars who will then become familiar with your route. Change it up on the weekends when traffic most likely lighter and less predictable.


 4. Wear Bright Clothing


It may seem obvious to wear bright clothing when cycling at night, but it’s just as important to wear bright clothing during the day. See Me Wear is just one example of a cyclist-proof clothing line. They sell affordable jerseys for the most experienced cyclists to the beginner first-go-arounds. Fluorescent clothing makes you, the cyclist, more visible in traffic. Drivers will see you from further away and can react in a timely manner.


 5. Bell or Horn? You Choose

Being visible on the road doesn’t necessarily mean being bright. Sounds are equally as important when riding on the road at any point in the day. Choose a bell or horn. It could have a fancy tune or simply provide a sound that will alert the cars, pedestrians and riders around you. In a more congested area, a horn or bell that produces several higher pitched sounds is the route to go. The Loud Bicycle Horn is the equivalent of a car horn...except it fits in a bike. It’s perfect for regular cyclists who follow the same rules as cars when cycling.

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