A Commemoration - Balance In Motion by Marvin Rainford
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A Commemoration - Balance In Motion

Posted by Marvin Rainford on

Have you ever needed a gentle push? Something or someone used to help you keep balance as you try to move forward. What does the word symbolize? It’s frequently used to exert force, typically by a hand to move them away from oneself or the origin of energy or power. I can identify with this term in a good-natured sense rather than the aggressive alternative. I’m confident everyone recognizes this sentiment, as there has been a time in your life where someone or something pushed you forward. The word is fundamental in many ways. A gentle nudge symbolizes the strength, courage, and capacity one sees in you, however, you do not see for yourself. The individual for me is the man pictured in this short story who is no longer with us today. I received a yellow and black Mongoose in 1981 for my birthday. 

He noticed my novice abilities struggling to stay upright since I had no training wheels. With patience and encouragement, he pushed my bike forward relentlessly as I gained the courage. With each fall there was pain mixed with motivation. There was doubt mixed with determination to balance as he seemingly moved the goal post farther away. The bike in your case may be life experiences such as education, marathon, physical therapy or a relationship. Who helped drive you forward?

Our brother, uncle, friend, confidant, hero, son and husband - Omphroy Sydney Bancroft, died October 5th, 2016. He lived a vigorous life, rich with lots of experiences as a master goldsmith. He traveled, enjoyed laughter and rocksteady music. He taught me many things; however, balance in motion is one I will never forget. I want to commemorate my uncle for giving me a push when I truly needed it. I hope my children value the importance of this.

Thanks Unk....wish you were still here....

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