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2016 e-Joe KODA Electric Bike Video Review

Posted by Rasmus Mikkelsen on

With many of the top features on the high-end e-bikes, only e-JOE’s 2016 KODA brings together best in class sport performance for well under $2,000. We call it our sport class commuter because it combines our exclusive technology with a 7-speed transmission harnessing a 500 watt high performance geared rear hub motor and 48V/11.6 AH battery. The KODA gives you the style and performance of a sport model with the practicality of an all-purpose, all-terrain commuter.

The Pedal Assist feature comes on almost every electric bike, but the real fun is in the thumb throttle. Just a light push with the thumb and it takes off almost like a motorcycle. Fast forward to 6:10 in the video to see for yourself.

The e-Joe KODA was among a select group of e-bikes nominated by Interbike for bike of the year in 2015, which was eventually won by a $7,000 bike. The new 2016 model has experienced an upgrade in the battery since the 2015 model which gives the bike a little extra kick and a longer battery life.

$1,719 is the minimum price that this bike is permitted to be sold for at Zappy Wheels plus the current $80 discount code that is available, free shipping and free gift, we truly offer the best value for the e-Joe KODA. Check it out here.



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